Artful Signage: Dementia-friendly Signage
Stops confusion through shape and delivers a charming homely style

Artful Signage are visually intuitive signs for the cognitively impaired that minimize confusion and create a classy atmosphere. As Decorative Wayfinding for Residential Aged Care Homes, NDIS Homes and Cruise Lines, Artful Signs attract the eye through their circular shape – like a bullseye. While dementia-friendly signage, their decorative style also imparts a home-like vibe instead of clinical, reinforced by their frame and art elements. Add to this, we use familiar icons presented as cartoon illustrations – for warmth.

Contrast for visuospatial perception is important for people living with dementia. As such, in the presentation, see how the design’s contrasts work in monochromatic greyscale for those with advanced macular degeneration. We think of them as Sensory Signs for dementia. This new range of state-of-the-art dementia-friendly signage products have been created with industry support. They are available as Fire Rating B1 and Ready to Hang 35cm diameter removable and adjustable decals or acrylic signs. Contact us to learn more.

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