Door Disguises for Dementia
Beautiful murals delivering proven cupboard and fire door exit diversion strategies

Our custom-designed Dementia Products can keep your residents safe, and reduce falls and nursing home elopement and exit door stress by converting institutional-style doors into more soothing home-like spaces.   Dementia Door Disguises also called Door Camouflages or Door Diversions can save the cost of your staff interrupting your resident’s right to their privacy, independence, and time to make decisions for themselves. Based on research and industry training, our dementia exit diversion wraps can provide a view for both glass and/or solid doors to give satisfaction and remove the thought of escape from residents. The result is an overall calmer atmosphere that reduces their stress and uplifts them away from depression.

Our natural-looking interior door decals are enhanced to appeal to your elders’ visuospatial perception for the utmost effectiveness. Likewise, we design our wraps in partnership with you to suit your door sizes, architecture, decor style and demographic. We consider psychology at a world-class high level to stop or reduce behaviours such as banging, scratching, or urinating on doors as a direct result of poor environmental design. We use art to avoid the commercial aesthetic that photography and vector supergraphics create. As such, our exit diversion strategies can provide art reminiscence, meaningful colour, warming texture, and beauty – that we all seek for well-being.

It’s an easy process with evidence-based results that we have perfected since 2008. Call us or contact us to book a Free Discovery Call or On-site assessment (Brisbane) so you will no longer have time-consuming and stressful reactions from your residents due to your Aged Care Home’s Institutional design. Sharron Tancred was a Finalist in the 2022 HIA Building Women’s Awards for Professional Women in the Aged Care and Dementia Space.

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Cupboard Door Disguises
For creative deinstitutionalization approach

In addition, if your elders are invading cupboards and scattering their contents everywhere, we have solutions.  The benefits of art for mental health are extremely well-researched. Cupboard Door Diversions are an ideal place for Art Reminiscence in the form of children’s art and their warming textures. To truly fix the problem, research shows that people will bring items back to their room because they feel it is lacking what they need. Visit our Room Door Wayfinding page to learn more. Still, our Art Series, Beach Hut or Garden Hut Series cupboard door decorations can be used to positively lift the vibe of your Aged Care Home design in a sustainable and meaningful way for everyone.

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Our Custom Door Disguise Process

OUR PROCESS: We offer you a Free On-site Assessment if you are in the greater Brisbane area, or a Free Discovery Call via Zoom call and follow-ups to attain your full brief, photos and all measurements.

Our Free Facility Assessment process is:
– Please upload your facility floor plan and photos to a Google Drive link we give you
– On-site, or remotely, let’s walk systematically through your facility and identify problem spaces on your Floor Plan
– If on-site you will receive 3 copies of our artwork catalogue to keep, use for discussion, and show colleagues
– We will create an itemised list and select mural designs, and customisations
NOTE: It is easier to create one holistic vision. Roll it out in one cost-effective installation as your budget permits.

Average Post-Assessment Process
– Allow 1-3 weeks for design and check-measure, if necessary, for a Full-service Quote for Approval
– Receipt of your Purchase Order
– Sign off Customer Approval Form. Book installation dates.
– 10 days at print
– Free Delivery via TNT Express
– Full service 4-5 weeks

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