before and after  - deprived environment vs an enriched with art

Dementia-friendly Design Inspo Book
Wayfinding Art Products deliver strengths-based designs for Dementia

Wayfinding products and Landmarks by Tailored Artworks deliver beautiful dementia-friendly design strategies to convert your bleak facilities into spaces of well-being. While much of your space needs to remain neutral (adhering to architects’ 80/20 rule), we solve problem spaces through art and science to avoid overstimulation. We innovate our art, decals, disguises, signage and more as salient landmarks for wayfinding in harmony with the Final Draft of the National Aged Care Design Principles and Guidelines, the rules of Interior Decorating, the sciences of design for cognitive impairment, the latest science of neuroaesthetics and to help you create a community.

“Art creates culture. Culture creates community. Community creates humanity” Susan Magsamen, Arts + Min Lab, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

What you will discover in our Inspo Book, is meaningful dementia-enabling design with homely vibes and community spirit. Anywhere from walls, doors, cupboards, ceilings, floors, fences, and fountains. Dementia-enabling designs are one of the least understood and underexploited areas in the toolkit of environmental design for Aged Care and we love designing them with you. Flip through our Inspirations for Dementia-friendly Design and learn how you can improve your care home.


Our Webinars on Dementia-friendly Design

Learn about wayfinding products and dementia-enabling design for Residential Aged Care through Resident Room Door Wraps and Exit Door Diversion Murals.
Meet special guests Amanda Crook Manager, Coolibah Aged Care discussing our project and Dr Pamela Topping, Dementia Expert and Interior Designer explaining strengths-based design through the colours of nature.

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