two greyscale door wraps for room door wayfinding with True Doors helped these 2 gentlemen recall these are their doors

True Doors® Room Door Decals for Room Door Wayfinding
Helps people remember their room door and creates a community within a home

Full-sized Room Door Wayfinding Wraps. For Aged Care organizations that want to create a genuinely homelike physical environment, True Doors® decals are a uniquely effective design solution, transforming impersonal hallways where elders spend a great deal of their time, into welcoming, comfortable and loving communities within homes.

True Doors are custom-made in the Netherlands. We design the collection for you, to take away all the stress and, achieve a far better result for longer term calmness, elegance and value. Clients who have moved from plain doors to plain multi-coloured door wraps to realistic door styles through True Doors have reported not only greater effectiveness but an instantly more home-like vibe a sense of joy. To meet your resident’s older eyes and damaged visuospatial needs, we consider contrast in both colour and shape for better wayfinding recognition and style to enhance your home’s existing aesthetic.

Tailored Artworks is the official representative of True Doors® in Australia. Please see here our suppliers technical links for your satisfaction. Our Professional Signage Installers can install True Doors© for you.
Alternatively, got panelled doors? See our Stained Glass Door Panel Inserts below.

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Stained Glass Door Panel Inserts
Transforms Modern Panelled Doors into Traditional Doors for Room Door Wayfinding

Aged Care Home designers have been favouring the classical mouldings of panelled doors to imbue a more home-like vibe. However, like in hotels, doors that all look the same create wayfinding problems. Therefore, we have innovated a new product for landmark cues: Stained Glass Door Panel Inserts.

Most people of an age will be familiar with stained glass windows and doors from their family homes. The National Aged Care Design Principles and Guidelines advise the avoidance of realistic murals – and we have always said this. Stained Glass Door Panelled Inserts© by Tailored Artworks enhance the beauty and atmosphere of our artworks with hand-rendered lead light effects. Practical place making using Beauty, especially in bright colours, is proven to create Saliency, particularly in older women:

 A Review titled Creating a Supportive Environment using Cues for Wayfinding in Dementia (The University of Carolina) ”over multiple trials in which they had to find a hidden target in four virtual environments which varied with respect to the types of cues present. The environments were:
1) Simple salient, which had four pictures of black and white objects as cues;
2) Complex salient, which had colourful and textured cues, such as a cobblestone wall and colourful pictures;
3) Nonsalient, which had two black and white abstract pictures, and
4) A control condition was similar to the simple salient condition except the cues changed locations among trials.

Results of the study showed effects of age and cue condition, with the younger subjects faster and more accurate at finding their way. In addition, all subjects found the hidden target the best in the complex salient cue condition. The older adults had a much worse learning curve in the non-salient cue condition when compared to the younger adults.
This study supported the proposition that older women may be more reliant on colourful and numerous cues than younger women.

The Stained Glass Door Panel decals are custom-printed onto low-voc traditional wallpaper or Self Adhesive Film (SAV) to fit within your panels.
Contact us for a full-service quote today and solve your room door wayfinding problems due to confusing plain color-paneled doors.

See how these decals can stop wrong room door entering – ask us to create more for you!

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