Sharron Tancred with her New York artwork

Frequently asked questions


Where are you based?

Our offices are in beautiful Brisbane, above the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Our printers are also in Australia. Our Tiles and made in either The States or Italy and our Mosaic ship from India.

Who did all the artworks?

Most of the artworks you see were hand-painted by our founder and director, Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Interior Decorator Sharron Tancred. Some artworks are the property of our suppliers.

Do you deliver and install?

Yes. Delivery is free Australia-wide. This will exclude our Tile Slab Murals which are only POA. We have partnered with numerous Signage Installers in Australia for Professional Installations Australia-wide. However we find that Tilers are best sourced locally, but we are happy to help you!

What are your Warranties?

Our design IP is backed by best practice evidence-based scientific research and thought leadership.
As designers and artists, we have a Limited Liability Warranty on products. Please ask us for any product Technical Sheets for further details and instructions. All warranties are supplied with our quotes.

What happens if the product arrives damaged?

Our supplier will replace the product at no extra cost.

What is your process?
  1. A Free Discovery Call on Zoom, Teams or Phone
  2. A Free On-site or Remote Assessment.
  3. We identify and create a table of issues against your Floor Plan. Simultaneously, we discuss each space’s purpose and give you prop pointers to help you improve each space to become more interactive and uncluttered
  4. Free Environmental Design and quote based on your floor plans, photos and measurements
    NOTE: If remote, we request your photos first. Then, we send you a template to apply your measurements against. Easy.
  5. Signoff on each of our Customer Approval Forms presenting print-ready artwork and a Purchase Order followed by a 50% deposit are required to proceed.
    NOTE: If we are installing for you, we book dates at this time, inclusive of the above forms and organise safety requirements with you
  6. We finalise the designs and send them to our supplier/s. We sign off on their proofs.
  7. Our suppliers package and ship your products
  8. We send you the dispatch for you to track your goods, and we follow up upon receipt
  9. If Tailored Artworks is installing for you, we will confirm dates a week prior and again the day prior
Do you design entire facilities?

Yes. In fact, this is our preference because it gives you a holistic plan. For instance in Environmental Design for dementia, a change can create other behaviours. Therefore, addressing all current and foreseeable behaviours due to your building’s architectural and/or interior design can help staff focus their valuable time on person-centred care instead of their stress due to design flaws. Once designed and quoted, your project can be delivered in one or more stages.

How do you price your products?

There is no fee to discuss your brief, design the solutions, and quote your project. After this, our quotes are fully itemised per job with both a design fee and the product cost per meter/foot squared – as our manufacturers and installers all price their work to us by meter/foot scale. You are free to give us a budget to work to. We can give you a quick price, including installation if you give us your square meter/feet.

Can we do projects in stages?

Yes. However, do bear in mind that installation costs are better value in the one stage rather than two or three stages. This is due to possible flights and/or travel time, etc.
Should you wish to stage your project due to budgeting, we can split your quote accordingly so you have forward planning. If there are any unforeseen issues on-site our installers will return, or if flights are involved, sub-contract another team at their expense. In any case, together we get the job done.

How can we see the project before we buy?

Easy. At design stage, we create print-ready mural finishes tailored to fit your exact measurements and place them in your photos. In this way, you can both see and check every detail and know that this is what will be delivered.

Can we change artwork hues?

Yes. In fact, we automatically changing artwork colours to match your Interior Decor palette to increase cohesion and calm the space.

Can any artwork be made as any design finish?

As long as the proportion and scale of the artwork suits your space, yes. When an artwork is limited by it’s design, we can mirror it to create a incredible effect that adds surprise and balance.

What is your turn around time?

Once we start, allow 1-2 weeks of design pending your feedback time. Then timeframes depend on what products we are creating for you and where from i.e. Brisbane, Melbourne, USA, Italy or India.
Murals on Films made in Australia require 10 days at print. We book installation 4-6 weeks from receipt of your purchase order.

Who do you work with?

We work at the corporate level with Dementia experts, Facility Assessors, Occupational and Diversional Therapists, Art Therapists, Facility Managers, Providers, Interior Designers, Architects and Developers.

What is the difference between Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop?

Sharron Tancred owns both brands. Tailored Artworks serves corporates, whereas The Mural Shop is retail. Essentially, the products are the same. However, the selection of artworks is different. For instance, Tailored Artworks murals are fit to imbue a specific psychology into the built environment, i.e. create a Thin Space in a hospital for palliative care vs a complete wayfinding system for Aged Care.

How do we get in touch?

Thank you! You are welcome to phone us or book your preferred appointment online.

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