Corporate Artworks for Designers and Architects
Custom art for business expresses a message to clients and staff

Our corporate art decor comes in Tile, Glass, Metal, Film, Mosaic and Wallpaper for complete flexibility.

Increase your brand identity with original corporate artwork delivered as Finishes. 

Our Brisbane-based Artist, Decorator and Designer CEO, Sharron Tancred, began her Graphic Design and Illustration in 1998. With a keen interest in the Psychology of Environmental Design, Sharron’s corporate art decor will now improve your space across Australia, paying strict attention to your brand’s colours, identity, message, and relevance.

See our stories below, showing how we began creating hand-painted artwork for business. Today, as designers and decorators, we are more sophisticated, delivering Unique Art Finishes for Corporates as Tile, Glass, Metal, Film, Art Wallpaper and Mosaic. In this way, you can have art for your walls, doors, floors, ceilings, windows, fences and pools!

Our Unique Art Finishes are ideal at the building or renovation stage.  Add any of our products to bring an instant sense of Well-being into your design, be it art finishes for hotels or multi-residential apartments.  

If you would like to get an Instant Online Price for corporate art decor inclusive of delivery, visit The Mural Shop. Otherwise, please book a Free Discovery Call to discuss your project without obligation.


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