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Since 2008, Tailored Artworks has spearheaded innovative solutions to combat the prevailing negativity within residential care homes catering to people with dementia. With the recent release of the Final Report of The Aged Care Taskforce calling for innovation, we are ready to help you transform bleak facilities into Spaces of Well-Being

Decades of neuroscience research have underscored the profound impact of enriched environments in mitigating cognitive decline and depression, with fMRI imaging offering insights into the role of arts and aesthetics in fostering human flourishing. Through customized art installations serving as wayfinding landmarks, intuitive signage, memory boards, and more, we facilitate person-centered activities that alleviate stress and promote well-being, addressing the prevalent issue of depression prevalent among aged care residents.

By incorporating science-driven designed art, we aim to revolutionize interior design in aged care facilities, steering away from hospitality-style decor that exacerbates deprivation and fails to support wayfinding or well-being. Our comprehensive approach aligns with both the call for innovation from the Australian Aged Care Taskforce and the Design Requirements for enhancing cultural landmarks, personalization, and meaningful activities.

Let us help you transform bleak facilities into Spaces of Well-Being!

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