YMCA North Lakes Youth Art Project

Are you a Brisbane Church, School or organisation looking to express your heart and soul to kids and their parents? Then consider a few classroom tree murals reinforced by Colour Psychology to emotionally communicate your brand.

The Brief: The Space @ North Lakes already had a few outdoor murals. However, for their three new classroom murals, they sought to illustrate their five pillars: sad, anxious, angry, happy and chilled. The YMCA uses trees as symbols of thriving to portray growth, change, strength, community connections, goal settings and more.

Our Solution: One needn’t adhere to natural colours. This YMCA Youth Art Project focused on the colour blue-green. Turquoise, Aqua and Teal’s positive polarity relates to intuition. Add to this, digging deep inside of one’s heart and communicating from their heart to others. Blue-green gets people chatting, expanding their minds to think outside of the box. Hence, Colour Psychology can assist with opening-up, self-expression and exploring new ideas!

Classroom tree murals, like the YMCA’s artworks, also featured red-orange and yellow-green. Coral, Russet and Red-brown, relate to groundedness and spirituality. Hues such as Lime, Avocado and Olive resonate with growth, leadership and forgiveness. Therefore, within a tree mural, the combination of these colours when illustrated a certain way will instantly engage energy, thinking and expression.

Murals in classrooms that use trees function well combined with words like the YMCA’s five pillars. Present your words at the end of the branches, within the branches or under each tree.

The Results: Roxanne Haggard, from YMCA North Lakes said this of the work, “Sharron at Tailored Artworks expressed her incredible creativity through three murals at YMCA Vocational School. Her knowledge of colour psychology shone through, which assisted in reiterating our company values and learning model of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Each mural fit our brief perfectly, with an individual flare. Sharron took the time to understand the overall vibe that we wanted to create in our classrooms and used this knowledge to do exactly that. Thanks again, Sharron!

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