How art can inspire your home renovation

These days, sadly, art plays second fiddle in the design process due to a lack of understanding on what art does.  Indeed, for many home renovators, it is a struggle even to understand how design works because it, like art, it has a language all to itself.

Celebrity interior designers become masters at explaining why they are using a certain artwork, designing to a particular height or adding dark colours. Expressing ideas to the uninitiated, requires visual aids like thumbnail drawings, plans and designs.  Even better, placing an idea into your space seriously help you see the end vision.  Still, in the end, it’s all just a conversation!  Yet, this is how brave hearts learn and the best way for you to create your dream home.

Such is Susan and John’s story for their 1980’s home, which our home renovation team will complete in 2021.

Their home, and home office, were suffering from an over-abundance of freestanding cabinets that only ever serve, truly, to create a cluttered look. No matter how neat you keep them! Add to this, an open plan design with too many little things, not nearly enough focal points and contrast and, no theme.  It was the typical busy professionals’ home, with an ad-hoc style. Su and John, wanted a casual styled, calming and natural feeling home. More space, with a neatly streamlined feel; casual and textural.  It’s called Natural Modern décor styling!
Su and John sat down with Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks to talk art and design and stood up with a firm plan of attack.

While addressing their storage problems with neat custom-designed cabinetry throughout their two-story home and then picking up on the classic Grecian vibe of their hallway pillars, it was only a matter of time before a water theme evolved.  Haymes Artisan Copper Patina and Mortar textures will express these beautifully.  Next, the best way to express any style and instantly imbued your personality is with artwork.  In this instance, The Four Pixies, related to Su and John’s love of fantasy, their family and each other.

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