YMCA Thrive Tree Murals lift Kids up

Thrive Tree Murals are large highly visual artworks for teachers and kids across Australian YMCA Schools.  Accordingly, our Thrive Trees follow the Thrive Program. Thrive helps kids to express their feelings, wordlessly or otherwise, to their teachers and, to realize that their life choices affect their emotions.  

The Thrive Program’s words, Sad, Happy, Chilled, Anxious and Angry and panted into each of our Thrive Trees.  To heighten these words and their emotional responses, our Thrive Tree Murals use Colour Psychology.  We used to design and hand-paint them to fix, enhance or inspire your interior décor and its theme! We can now custom-print Thrive Trees and other Murals for YMCA Vocational Schools. Check out the stories on murals at YMCA North Lakes and YMCA Redlands.  If you would like to have a Thrive Tree Mural designed, please book a Free Discovery Call.

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